Novice Racing

Beginner sailing race training is offered from mid April at Loch of Skene by the Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust. Less experienced sailors (including adults and youngsters) from ASYC are very welcome to attend these sessions on Monday nights. Boats can be hired from both AST and ASYC for these sessions with an extra small charge (£5) to cover the expenses for the safty fleet and AST instructors running the racing. Check out the link for up to date sailing times and information.

These sessions are continued on a Tuesday night in Stonehaven once the club re-locates there at the beginning of June until the evenings get too dark at the beginning of September. Club boats are again for hire, including several double handers. From beginning September to late October these sessions move to Saturday afternoons. Check out the diary for details. Please note that these sessions will NOT run if the ambient wind strength is over 15 mph. Notification on cancellation will be posted on our facebook group page.

These sessions are not restricted to beginner sailors only - everyone is welcome.